Our Hazelnut yarn (grown in 2020) comes in two different options! The first is a two ply, fingering weight yarn and is approximately 300 yards in length per skein. The second option is a three ply, worsted weight yarn in approximately 150 yards.


Made from our very own alpaca's fiber, this spun yarn truly embodies our farm-to-yarn passion. Our yarn is perfect for knitted or crocheted garments, soft enough for littles to wear, yet strong enough to stand up to good wear.


The alpacas who made this beautiful yarn is from Oscar, Otis, Ralph, Chester and Anejo. Many of these animals are some of our youngsters we just brought to the farm. Chester, who has a deep beautiful fawn color, is a bit timid but curious. His best friends are Oscar and Otis, and they can be found always a few feet behind the main herd. They let the big personalities take lead, as they feel safe in large numbers. But their personalities really come out when we bring a water hose to spray them down on hot summer days.


Each skein is the natural color of the animal that grew it, because, in our opinion, nature always does it best. 


Please note, our fiber and yarn may contain small pieces of the earth in it, as the animal that grew it was quite fond of rolling in it ;)



  • Care Instructions

    Handwash ONLY, with cold water and a small amount of dish soap. Try not to agitate the fiber. Do not use a wool or lanolin soap. Hang flat to dry.

  • Returns

    We are a small, family owned fiber farm. Each of our items is handmade and one of a kind! We think they are really special. Please be conscious with your purchase, as we are not able to offer refunds.

  • About Our Alpacas

    Alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic as it does not contain lanolin. Because of this, alpaca fiber is naturally super soft. We shear our animals once a year, and only use the softest part of the fleece to be spun into yarn. 

    Our alpacas are raised down the hill from our home, where we get to interact with them throughout the day, spraying water on hot days, offering carrots (their favorite treat) and building a relationship with them. Each of our alpacas has a unique and quirky personality. We love them deeply and are thankful for the opportunity to care for them!