Handknit socks

Handknit socks


The sweetest hand knits socks, made from our 100% alpaca yarn from our farm, are made to last, be passed down from siblings, and saved as an heirloom. The perfect gift for an expecting friend or relative, or to add for your littlest one.

  • Returns

    Each item is handmade to order. Please shop with care as we do not take returns.

  • Care

    These socks are made to last forever, so lets take good care of them! You do not have to wash these socks often, but when you do, handwash it with cool water and mild dish soap. Let it soak for ten minutes, agitating as least as possible, and lay flat to dry on a towel. In the off season, put your socks in an airtight bag to keep it safe from moths!