• Anna Marie

End of Year Reflections

Hi everyone!

I love this time of year because we are reminded of the importance of our community and family and the gift of doing life together. We are pushed to reflect on the last year and find moments where we were challenged and forced to rise to the occasion and grow, memories that will be cherished forever, and ways we can do better.

Our farm has experienced quite a bit in the last year. We moved our animals across town to another property, until our own homestead is ready. The process of moving our alpacas, mini donkey, sheep and chickens was exhausting. Once we arrived to the new property, where we have since lived the last 6 months in an airstream, I felt a rush of peace wash over as I saw the animals adapt and enjoy their new surrounding.

This was our second year having our alpacas sheared and their fiber processed at a Texas fiber mill. It was exciting to know we were much more efficient this time around, and we were even able to purchase fiber from neighboring farms to toss into the mix to offer a wider variety of colors in yarns and knitted goods.

Earlier this year, we found out we were expecting our very own little one, which is due in the next few weeks. My initial fears were, how am I going to do this and take care of my animals? How is a baby going to change our farm life and can we make it work? Our animals must have sensed my anxiety, because they have been nothing but calming, laid back, and loving- giving me some much needed peace so that I can look forward to this next season.

Towards the end of 2017, we lost our beloved farm pup due to an unknown spinal injury. The week following Pearl's injury, I stayed awake every night running through the scenarios on what could've happened, what I could've done differently for another outcome. I am still walking through the stages of grief with losing our precious Pearl, but I have stopped blaming myself though I will always wish the outcome was different because I miss her dearly.

We look to 2018 with so much hope and anticipation. Our own homestead will finish construction so we can finally move out there on our very own property. This has been several years in the making and we are overjoyed to have our very own space for us to live and raise our animals. We hope for continued growth and ways we can get our 100% USA raised alpaca yarn and textiles into more homes and studios. And I look forward to the continued connections made with the very special community of farmers and textiles enthusiasts, our kindred spirits.

Thank you joining us in this process, we feel honored to have your support!


Anna Marie

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